“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

A little about my blog title. Sybarites are hedonists. Don’t get me wrong– this isn’t a blog about going out, partying and getting trashed every night. That’s hardly my idea of fun anymore. My idea of fun and pleasure is to earn and live the good life, guilt-free. Experientially, sensately good.

Now for the boring bits—my name is Daisy and I live in Seattle, Washington. My parents are from Hong Kong and Macau. I finished undergraduate degrees in molecular biology and philosophy in 2006 from the University of Washington, been working in a non-profit clinical research lab ever since. I have a professional interest in global health and development. Personal loves include backpacker travel, checking out great restaurants, body modifications, aerial arts (think Cirque du Soleil), and electronic music. There… that wasn’t so bad, right?


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