Eindhoven & Amsterdam

One of the projects I have going on at work is a collaboration between our lab, PATH (another non-profit research institute based in Seattle), and Biocartis, an off-shoot of Philips. We were sent to the Biocartis facility at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, Holland for a 4-day training session.

Holland, April 2011

We flew into Amsterdam, rented a car and drove the 1.5 hours down to Eindhoven. Others had chosen to fly into Brussels instead, driving for 1 hour but leaving Seattle several hours beforehand. I was a little freaked out about driving in another country, but it wasn’t bad at all! (Plus, we got a nice car.) People there drive better than in Seattle. But all I can say about Eindhoven is that… it’s a cute little modern town, but it doesn’t have much going for it if you’re just a tourist. Sorry!

Holland, April 2011

After training was over, we spent a little time in Amsterdam, keeping it pretty tame. Our lodging of choice was RobertRamon, a cute little boutique hotel with a great location. The rooms were small and the walls were thin, but service was excellent and it was fairly priced for what and where it was.

We had pre-purchased timed entry tickets for the Anne Frank House, which I highly recommend. The line to purchase tickets at the door literally stretched around the corner! I think we could’ve probably purchased tickets for the Van Gogh Museum at the door. It seems like there are special events there on Friday nights (they’re open later and by the time we got there, a kimono fashion show had just ended). For most of our one full day there, we just walked around and used the hop-on/hop-off boats, checking out the Tulip Market and the shopping areas.

Holland, April 2011

Holland, April 2011

Holland, April 2011

Not much to report… we were gone for just a week! 😉


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