Ibiza loves you

Every other inanimate object on Ibiza reminds you that the island loves you. Is that cheesy or cute? Anyway, for some reason, the jet lag has been hitting us big time. As soon as we landed in Ibiza from Madrid, we knocked out for the rest of the day!

When we woke up, we made our way to Amnesia, one of the clubs that Ibiza is known for. Tuesday nights are ‘Release Yourself’, co-hosted by Roger Sanchez, a house DJ/producer and Armin van Buuren, a trance guy that has been repeatedly voted the world’s best DJ. We stayed in the AvB room most of the time– I’ve seen him before, and I’ve been to big parties back home so I have to admit, it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong though, I still had fun! One great thing was that whenever he dropped a song with vocals, the original singer was usually there to perform. He also had a tribute to the people that died in LoveParade Berlin, which was touching.

We stayed at Sol Bahia Apartments located in the quieter town of San Antonio, for 80EUR a night. San Antonio is home to the famous sunset bars (a 10 minute walk from Sol Bahia) where DJs spin live chillout music and the champagne flows endlessly.

We also checked out several sunset bars (as it turns out, we enjoyed these way more than the club experience)– Golden Buddha was part of a hotel, separated from the rest of the ‘sunset strip’, and Mint where we got free champagne and I befriended someone dressed up as the Joker who gave me a balloon daisy. However, what I was REALLY excited about was watching the sun set at Cafe del Mar for our last night on Ibiza. I still remember that I had their logo set as my desktop wallpaper ten years ago! It was everything I was hoping it’d be. The mojito was tasty, we were able to get a table, the crowd wasn’t too rowdy.. when the sun began to set, the loungey music turned off and a slow, haunting melody came on. I literally got chills watching it and Wilson compared it to a religious moment. Everyone started to clap and cheer just as the sun dipped below the horizon. Spectacular!

Oh and did I mention we went to a nude, openly gay beach?

We arrived in Barcelona this morning and spent the day shopping and wandering Las Ramblas, full of shops, touts and street performers. I’ve finally had a great meal, four plates of tapas in some random plaza we happened to wander into!


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