Sorry for the dryness of this post but I’m still pretty exhausted from the jet lag!

Madrid is a big, beautiful, bustling city. We only managed to cram in two of the larger museums, the Prado (the highlight being Goya’s Black Paintings) and the Reina Sofia, famous for its Picasso and Dali pieces. However, at this point, I’m kind of museum’ed out! Apparently, the Prado has free admission after 6pm (nice little surprise).

We also got onto one of those hop-on-hop-off tour buses, which cost 17EUR for a one-day pass. It was a nice way to see the city, as super-touristy as that sounds!

Our hotel is in the Centro neighborhood, pretty much in the center of everything. Just to the north of this street, Gran Via, is the gay district, Chueca, popular for its shopping and prostitute/druggie undertones (for you Seattleites– it’s the Capitol Hill area of Madrid). The museums are within walking distance from here, as well as Puerto del Sol.

One thing that definitely took some getting used to was the typical lunch and dinner times. Everything is shifted down by a couple of hours, so finding a place that serves a full menu between 4-8pm is somewhat difficult. I unfortunately haven’t been to any restaurants here worth talking about.

Hotel de las Letras is such a neat little boutique hotel! I have no complaints about this place whatsoever. We even decided to splurge a little extra and get our own rooftop terrace. Every evening, we finish the night by hanging out on our deck overlooking the surrounding streets, drinking beer that we picked up at a nearby market, looking over the pictures we took earlier in the day. Check out this pic that Wilson took! It’s the view from our terrace.

Tomorrow morning, we go off to Ibiza!!


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