Spain, at last!

It was shortly after I attended my first rave at 14 that I first learned of Ibiza. It’s referred to as the musical Mecca of anyone that follows the electronic music/raver lifestyle– this is the one place that I’ve wanted to visit even before I got into travel as a hobby. The clubs there are LEGENDARY. International DJ/producers go there to debut their new tracks each summer to judge how it’ll do in the rest of the world for the rest of the year, the major clubs there have spawned satellite locations in numerous countries after scoring top marks on global nightclub lists.. it’s amazing that all this goes on in a small, sleepy-for-the-rest-of-the-year island in the western Mediterranean!

We’ll also be spending some time in Madrid and Barcelona but as of right now, I’m most excited about Ibiza (if you couldn’t already tell). This’ll be a total whirlwind of a trip, but I already know it’ll be worth it. So tomorrow afternoon, my friend Wilson and I will be heading off to Spain for a week! YAY!



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2 responses to “Spain, at last!

  1. Sara

    Have fun Daisy!
    ~ Sara

  2. Oh wow, you’re leaving tomorrow?! Have a wonderful time!!

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