Lazy day in Selcuk

Not really much to report today. Just some good old fun. The awesome Chicago couple I met in Antalya happened to be in Selcuk so we made plans to meet for dinner. Since today was my free day, I thought I’d wander around town for a bit.

Selcuk is lined with the remnants of ancient Roman aquaducts. During this time of year, storks come and lay eggs right on top of the aquaducts, then hatch and rear their young before flying to South Africa in September. I learned that from this awesome, well-traveled Kurdish shop owner who invited me in to chat and have apple tea and cake; we ended up chatting for 4 hours! One thing I kept hearing from all the shop owners is that more and more tourists are doing the package thing and getting herded to the factory shops instead of the local shops. They claim the factory shops charge more because of commissions; regardless of whether that’s true or not, I still felt bad. They all put my money away as the first sale of the day (it’s local custom to keep that separate from all other sales) even though it was already around 1pm.

Had beers then dinner with the Chicago couple, Sue and Craig. We split another bottle of the national drink here, raki. You mix it with water and it instantly turns white and cloudy, then you add an ice cube. Tastes like licorice. I was feeling a bit homesick but now it’s all gone! I walked with them to the bus station (otogar), we all laughed the whole time there. Like, howling with laughter. Tears in my eyes. We probably didn’t help with the American stereotype but whatever! They left for a couple nights in Istanbul before going back home. Oh and I played with some random pit bull puppy that introduced itself to me by sticking its cold wet nose on my toe. Also met another solo female traveler, from Seattle too! Exchanged emails; we’re going to try and get together. She’s on her way to Kurdistan.

The next four days will be full of ruins– very excited about that!! And no, I’m not ruined out yet. At all.

I think the raki’s still in my system; I’m totally giddy still. Can you tell??


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  1. I want to try this raki. Sounds good!

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