Made it!!

Ok so let’s see how this goes. First time blogging aboard and from my iPhone so forgive the dryness!

Phew! For the record, I’m very tired of running through airports. Apparently an Icelandic volcano had spewed a huge ash cloud the morning I was set to leave, affecting the Seattle to Amsterdam flight. It added 30 minutes to it, plus an extra 30 minute delay taking off. I had 20 minutes to run from one terminal to the other at Amsterdam. But I made it! Landed in Istanbul, waited another couple hours to catch my Antalya flight.

Antalya’s old Roman quarter is where most of the tourist stuff is. It’s absolutely beautiful here. Narrow streets, cobble stone roads, vendors selling freshly presses pomegranate juice, old men sitting on benches playing guitars..

Just came back from a day trip to the ancient ruins of Termessos. It’s said that this was one of the cities that Alexander the Great couldn’t conquer. I could see why! It’s a steep drive, up to above 1000 m above sea level. Then it’s at least another 40 minute hike up a steep trail with loose rocks before you start to see some more ruins. The sites are very spread apart, which was fairly surprising.

I went with this awesome, well-traveled couple from Chicago, Sue and Craig, who are also staying at this hotel, White Garden Pansiyon. I highly recommend it here. After Termessos, we checked out the main museum here, which I also recommend. They have a lot of sculptures pulled from Perge (where I hope I’ll be going tomorrow).

Off to meet Sue and Craig for dinner now!

Here is a picture of the theater at Termessos. It overlooks the surrounding mountains.



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3 responses to “Made it!!

  1. I can picture you onionrunning through Schiphol now!

    I was like D8 when I saw the volcano eruption but then I was like 😀 when I found out you made it to Istanbul before they started cancelling all the flights.

  2. Glad you made it! Go do things that make me jealous!

  3. Tina

    Daisy- That is sooooo awesome! Was wondering about you too when I heard about the volcano. Glad to see you have made it and are enjoying yourself & the couple you have met there. FUN!!!

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