Quickie Cabo

My friends laughed at me and thought I was joking when I told them I was going on a timeshare vacation to Cabo San Lucas at the end of February (about a month ago). I gotta admit, it was pretty out of character for me to go to someplace with that kind of reputation. I mean, I couldn’t believe I was going either! But it was just way too cheap to turn down– the three of us booked an all-inclusive, four night package at the Villa del Palmar for a grand total of $300. I shit you not. Even the timeshare people didn’t understand that we each only paid $100 for our entire stay there (airfare was $350 FYI). Also, the two hour timeshare presentation wasn’t even all that bad! Not like you can enjoy every single hour of a vacation anyways.

cabo, feb 2010
(view of Land’s End from our resort)

So for four awesome days, we mostly hung out in the sun, on the beach, and stuffed our faces with delicious food. We also booked a couple of activities… tried to go snorkeling one morning but it was canceled because of the tsunami warning (the Chile earthquake). We ended up hanging out at a Senor Frogs on the pier instead. They were awesome– the free drinks just kept coming even though the bar was closed.

cabo, feb 2010
(L-R: Frances, Ivy, me, awesome bartender)

One day, we went out into the desert to go ATVing. I forgot the name of the tour company, sorry (something with ‘baja’ in it..??). A lot of fun, except some other people we were stuck behind didn’t realize it’s practically impossible to tip an ATV over. The desert spills out onto a wide, open beach covered in ATV tracks– there were also a lot of steep sand dunes that we raced up and down all over. So much fun!!!
cabo, feb 2010

Our last big fun outdoorsy thing was zip-lining with Canopy Costa Azul which I recommend for anyone wanting to try out zip-lining. Not only is it zip-lining on several lines, there’s also a ‘tarzan swing’ (first picture below) and a 180 foot cliff that you rappel down to get back to the bottom. The only thing that wasn’t cool was that we weren’t allowed to take our own cameras. Instead, someone came along to take pictures with us with a DSLR… so the pictures were nice, but really expensive (of course).

cabo, feb 2010

cabo, feb 2010
(hanging out with our guides afterwards)

Just a little note about what was supposedly one of the biggest clubs in Cabo, Squid Roe. TACKY. Don’t waste your time unless you want to hang out with pimply-faced American teenagers chaperoned with their parents.


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