Off to Turkey soon!

Well, the main reason I decided to start this blog when I did was so I could blog my upcoming Turkey trip! This’ll be my first truly solo trip since Colombia in 2006.

Why Turkey? Well, I absolutely fell in love with ancient Greco-Roman ruins when I went to Egypt, Syria and Jordan with some friends back in October 2008. It’s funny– when that trip first started, I only really cared about seeing Petra and everything else would’ve just been bonuses. Turned out Petra was one of my least favorite sites and Jerash was one of my top favorites!

I fly out April 14 and get back May 1st. Below is a map outlining my tentative itinerary:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any time for Istanbul this time around; once I land, I’m immediately going southeast to Antalya, on the Mediterranean coast. From Antalya, it’ll be Patara for some more ruins, then to Kabak and the Butterfly Valley (part of the Lycian Way) for some R&R. I’ll be spending the rest of my time based in Selcuk, a town close to one of the ancient wonders of the world, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus. After a brief stop at Bergama, I’ll be heading back to Istanbul just in time to catch my flight home. I already know I’d like to come back someday and check out the Kurdistan area!



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  1. Yea! Daisy has a blog! I have to link you!

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